The Coaching Process

As a sports coach, they will go through a Coaching process, which consists three stages Plan, do and Review.

For planning the coach might consider the health and safety and security of his participants by doing a risk assessment to check the equipment and also check the area that going to be used during the session. The coach may also consider equipment, for example making sure all the equipment is in good condition and consider bring more equipment with you. for example in football if you coaching 12 kids and you only have 12 footballs with you and if 3 new players turn up for the session you won’t have enough footballs to go around.

Do- delivering! the coach may consider adapting (mid)session to support the objectives because if you planned a session which is too hard for participants you may need to adapt it to their needs to be able to achieve the objectives you set for them in the session.

For Review the coach may consider checking if the feedback was appropriate from the participants and parents. by asking for feedback from the participants will help coach to see if they can adapt the session to everyone’s ability and the coach can also see if he need to change his delivery method to the participants.


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