Creativity in sport

creativity is having the ability to transcend traditional ideas and to create brand new ideas. when we consider a creative footballer it is these ideas which come to mind by them having the ability to beat players with great skills in a 1v1 situations, the vision of a pass which “no-one could see”, the scoring of a goal which seemed ‘impossible’ or even just a subtle flick or touch which shows awareness, vision and confidence. All these examples highlight what we regard as a creative player.

These are type of players we called genius and in modern time footballers today market are worth millions. He is a player which can win games, create goals and help a team succeed. according to the whitehouse address have some examples of genius footballers “Across the history of the game football has seen many genius’; Maradona, Cruyff, Best, Matthews, Zidane, Riquelme, Hagi, Pirlo, Laudrup, Iniesta, Ronaldinho and Messi.”

“Creativity entails varying, rare and flexible decision making in complex game situations.”  (Memmert & Roth 2007)

It’s not just footballers have creativity, there are many sports have creativity in them for example, Lewis Hamilton is a Formula 1 driver, his creativity is to have a good decision making to be able to overtake his opponents and not letting his tyres lose drip on the race surface and the main one to win the race.



Volunteering at West View Leisure Centre!

I have been volunteering at West View Leisure centre for a streetwise sports club and I have been doing it for a year. The streetwise sports club consist of sports like Football, Climbing, Swimming and many more. I do my volunteering every Thursday night 4pm to 6pm, my roles and responsibilities in my volunteer role is to assist and support the coach who is on duty during the session. Depending on my qualifications and ability I be able to lead and deliver a session gaining valuable experience along the way by dealing with children age 8 – 14 years old, by me having a level 1 in football and level 2 in dodgeball I have the chance to lead sessions every Thursday.

What is reflection coaching?

Reflection coaching in my view is the past experiences and analysis them for example a coach analysis a training session would look at how it went and look at the strengths and weaknesses of the session. Hatton & Smith (1995) says “it is a form of problem solving that is used to resolve coaching issues and involves the careful consideration of coaches practice, based on their knowledge and practice.

Gilbert and Trudel (2001) consider reflection to utilise “a conceptual framework to understand how coaches draw on experience when learning to coach”. They also believed that a different type of reflection which they called “retrospective reflection on action” their belief is that coaches reflect on concerns in between practice sessions and that reflection, still occurs within the action present but not in the midst of activity. So they created a model of reflection which will help other coaches and including me to develop as a coach.


By looking at this model has helped me to start a new way of reflecting on my training session by trying to finding the positives and negatives in the session and being able to identify it and be able to change it for the other sessions. This model has made me a better coach.