Invasion game

In one of my practical we had to come up with idea of an invasion game, there many sports you can choose from (football, netball, rugby, hockey and basketball). The invasion games is an attacking activity for a coach to use in their training session. Get Active sports say about Invasion game is “the term used for any game where the aim is to attack an opponent’s territory and score a goal or point. Usually consisting of teams of equal players these fast paced games focus on teamwork, keeping possession, scoring and defending.” Invasion games are trying to help to improve player’s tactical awareness to score or stop the opposite team from scoring and keeping the possession. The physical Education and Intramural have come up with an Invasion game: Tail chase, the objected is to get your opponent’s tail without losing your own. How to play the game “Players begin by stuffing a small part of their “tail” (cloth or rope) in the back of their shorts. At the teacher’s signal, each player tries to grab their partner’s tail without losing his/her own. When the tail is removed, the player puts it back and tries again. Count how many times a tail can be removed in a set time. No body contact is allowed.” This will make the players think about using their body to shield the tail, keeping head up to watch opponent and also find open spaces.

In practical I used football to come up with a game for the invasion games. I decided on using a 3v3 game which involved three players on each team and one net on opposite sides. This will be working on their teamwork, keeping possession, score and defending.


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